Enduro & EnDURO ICE is a paper laminate, reinforced with a PP or PET film. It is the ideal combination of paper printability and film durability which offers printers a durable tear resistant substrate where a pure film synthetic is not necessary.

Enduro & EnDURO ICE E grades maintain durability and are more cost-effective than pure film. Printing and converting are easy, because you work with paper surfaces.

Printing Process:
• Print like paper.
• It is suitable for all printing processes where previously a paper substrate would have been used (i.e. lithographic printing, flexographic printing, screen printing and digital printing.)
• Perfect for print on demand laser technologies (POD) and variable information printing (VIP).
• Standard ink may be used on our paper surface.

Printing Equipment:
• Handles just like paper.
• Special printing plates, blankets & drying conditions are NOT necessary.
• Even when UV-drying the product is not over stressed.

• Able to cut, fold, glue, punch, perforate and stitch.
• You can use all adhesive material even hot-melt for gluing purpose.

Envelopes, tags, entrance tickets, displays, menus, charts, maps, wrapping and packaging, book cover, folders, certificate and others.