Director Laid Paper & Board

This laid paper was developed by LANA for your business correspondence and carries the seal of success. With its central watermark and its lightly roughened surface, it conveys sovereignty and touching it is an unexpected experience: a successful mix of reliability and spontaneity.

Printing Process:

  1. Inkjet printer: printing quality guaranteed up to 120 gsm.
  2. Laser printer: printing quality guaranteed from 80 to 160 gsm.
  3. Other elements: offset, letterpress, silk screen, thermography, foil blocking, die stamping, embossing, varnishing.

The use of a compatible pre-sealer is strongly recommended before applicating a Gloss UV varnish. Paper weights under 160 gsm should not be varnished.

Pre-creasing or scoring is required for 220 gsm and up. Folds should follow the machine or grain direction.